Do not install this product at a site that is exposed to direct sunlight, or near an air conditioner or heating apparatus. The frames surrounding the center of bothimages are masked. Never use alcohol or any other solvent when cleaningto avoid causing damage to the screen or erasing theframe size markers. Page 13 Film carriers Fiche Carrier-5 — for use with jackets, microfiche and aperture cards. Setting these default values according to your needs saves time andallows you to work more efficiency. Close the upper unit. Page 39 Specifying the interval between scanning operationsThe chart below provides the time intervals that can be set betweenscanning operations.

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Remove the old imaging cartridge from the printer. Text Imprint Time, date and messages can be included on a print. Safety Warnings If this product becomes inordinately hot or emits smoke, or unusual odor or noise, immediately turn OFF the power switch, unplug the power cord from the power outlet, and then call your Kodak Service Representative.

Press r the Paper Lifting Plate until it locks. Manual Masking panels option Lengthwise Area Keys Crosswise Area Keys 1 Lengthwise Area Indication panel — use to specify the print area in the vertical direction of the image on the screen.

Lenses Choose from five lenses-zoom and fixed-that enlarge images for viewing or scanning.

Galleon – Kodak PowerFilm Application Software (for The DSV-E & DSV-E)

Routine Precautions Do not store toner units, PC drum units, and other supplies and consumables in a place subject to direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity, as poor image quality and malfunction could result.


Image Processing This section provides a description of kldak image processing features.

All Film ScannersProduction Scanners. If the PC drum is exposed to intense light, poor image quality modak result. Page 11 Rear view Power Switch — used to turn the power to the unit on and off. Grasp the Prism Holder lever and pull it up.

Kodak DSV-E user manual – – Solve your problem

Choose to print only, scan with PC interface or scan with video interface. Selecting the image Using Auto Exposure density 1.

The basic operation for Manual Masking is similar to Trimming. If the misfeed occurred before the sheet of paper entered the fusingunit, gently pull the misfed sheet up and out. Rear viewConnectors — provides connection points for the variousoptions Film Carrier and Controller.

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Page 29 Selecting the film Auto type The system will automatically determine the polarity of the film being used when Auto is selected with the Film Type key.

Correcting a numberTo reset an entry: Some functions are available by using the Shift key and some of the functions provide access to optional accessories. Tell us about it.

You can print the area specified by the green lights. Clearing the Zoom magnificationWhen the Zoom clr key is held down together with the Shift key formore than one second, the standard magnification is resumed. 3000dxv SettingMachine ID Printing Printer mode only SelectionDefaultDescriptionDisabledPattern 1Pattern 2DisabledWhen two scanners are connected to one printer, thisfunction leaves an identification marker on the print sothe scanner used for the job can be determined afterprinting.


Detailedprocedures on these steps can be found later in this chapter. Image Processing 3000sv Processing This section provides a description of the image processing features. Press down the Paper Lifting Plate until it locks. Close the paper feeding tray. Press and hold the Shift key and the Paper Selection key.

Selecting the ResolutionThe resolution for scanning printing can be selected. The descriptions below will help you choose the carrier s right for your application. The new digital technology makes microfilm media more powerful, versatile and cost effective.

Kodak 3000DSV-E Operator’s Manual

Selecting the papersizePress the Paper Selection key to select the desired print size. The basic operation for Manual Masking is similar to Trimming.

Correcting ImageDistortionYou can set up the scanner-printer to automatically correct any slightimage distortion that occurs during scanning. First, it scans images at the touch of a button. Page 45 Correcting ImageDistortionYou can set up the scanner-printer to automatically correct any slightimage distortion that occurs during scanning.